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Are we right for you?

We are on a mission to simply improve the employee feedback experience.
Feebee is perfect for startups who wish to prioritise their culture

It allows crucial performance conversations to thrive.
Choose us if you are looking for a well-crafted, immediately impactful, and cost-effective solution for your feedback culture.

Here's how we help you to avoid team performance anxiety

At Feebee, we keep things simple, you can use us to easily do these key things.


We make Performance feedback easy, and performance reviews and appraisals a breeze. We give you a platform to view team performance.


Through our Values feedback, you are able to foster a strong sense of belonging in your team. Employees can easily align themselves with the values.


Spontaneous feedback fosters a culture of in-the-moment praise or improvement ideas. It builds the feedback muscle, and helps employees be present.


See how your company needs to improve with our deep-dive analytics. Employees also easily improve through Skill feedback, gaining eye-opening insights.

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“I would definitely recommend Feebee to everyone who's looking for some intuitive, automated, easy-to-implement tool for feedback. It saved us a lot of time, and helped us increase engagement and satisfaction with 360° feedback.”


Veronika Mazari
HR Business Partner at Hedepy

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