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3 steps to create your company values

Here's how to create them, and make them work, for your startup;

1. The why?

Values are the foundation of your team culture. They act as a cultural guide and a day to day navigator for the choices people make. They become your North Star, they provide a common language and purpose that unites employees, partners, and stakeholders, ensuring everyone's efforts are in sync. But they don't just need to be defined, they need to be lived.

2. The what?

In early-stage companies the founders have to live, breathe, and personify these values. So founders must be completely honest, and write down their core values, and the values that they want everyone else to embody. Once founders have this they need to show others, see how they resonate, and incorporate other people's ideas. Keep the values concise and memorable. It's easier to live by values that everyone can easily recall. Ensure your values reflect the true essence of your company. Inauthentic values can breed cynicism.

3. The how?

Values cannot simply be words on a website, they must be lived. The best way to live them is to compare how you align with those values by getting regular feedback on them. When everyone in the company starts doing this you start to see people truly living the values, it helps people to grow faster, and feel more connected and engaged with the company.

Values become the soul of your company. When you live them, you create a culture of trust, authenticity, and continuous improvement. As your company evolves, so to will your values. Let's remember that it's the consistent, day-to-day actions that truly make a difference. So live the values, and embark on a journey towards sustainable success.

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