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Feebee: Improve communication, deadline management, and track culture change through Slack

Effective communication and progress tracking are essential components of successful HR management. Organizations rely on streamlined communication channels and real-time progress tracking to ensure deadlines are met, goals are achieved, and employee engagement is maintained. With Feebee's integration with Slack, HR professionals can efficiently manage company communication, remind people of deadlines, and track cultural change —all while empowering employees to stay informed and engaged within their familiar Slack environment.

Improve communication, deadline management, and track culture change through Slack

1. Centralized communication hub using Slack: 

Feebee innovates on communication (around the feedback & eNPS processes) by centralizing it within Slack, the preferred communication platform for many modern workplaces. HR professionals can effortlessly send alerts, reminders, and updates directly to employees via the Feebee Slack app, ensuring timely and effective communication across the organization.

Why is this important?

According to a survey by McKinsey, effective communication can increase productivity by up to 25%. By leveraging Feebee's integration with Slack, organizations can boost productivity levels by facilitating clear and efficient communication among employees.

2. Timely follow-up and deadline management through Slack: 

With Feebee and Slack, HR professionals can easily follow up on tasks, deadlines, and important milestones. By sending automated alerts and notifications, HR can ensure that employees are aware of upcoming deadlines and are reminded to take action accordingly. Whether it's completing eNPS surveys or meeting project deadlines, Feebee's communication features help keep everyone on track and accountable.

Why is this important?

Research shows that organizations with effective deadline management practices experience a 30% increase in project success rates. By leveraging Feebee's communication and deadline management features, organizations can improve project outcomes and achieve greater success.

3. Track culture change through data insights in Slack: 

Feebee's web app provides HR professionals with comprehensive data analysis tools, allowing them to gain valuable insights into employee feedback, performance trends, and engagement levels. By analyzing eNPS results and other performance metrics, HR can identify areas for improvement, make data-driven decisions, and take proactive steps to enhance employee retention and satisfaction.

Why is this important?

Employee turnover can cost a company up to 33% of an employee's annual salary. By leveraging Feebee's data analysis capabilities, organizations can identify and address factors contributing to employee dissatisfaction, ultimately reducing turnover and retaining top talent within the organization.

Feebee and Slack represent a powerful combination for streamlining communication, tracking progress, and enhancing employee engagement within organizations. 

By centralizing communication, facilitating timely follow-up, and providing actionable insights, Feebee empowers HR professionals to create a culture of transparency, accountability, and continuous improvement. With Feebee and Slack, organizations can foster a positive work environment, improve employee retention, and achieve greater success in today's competitive business landscape.


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