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Kindness culture at work pays off

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

We read a great article called "Kindness at Work pays off". We think it's worth summarising this important message in a blog, so that you can help to make your work culture more kind.

🔑 Here are some key takeaways and a link to the article:

“When anxiety is high and morale is low, kindness isn’t a luxury — it’s a necessity. With mass layoffs, economic uncertainty, and geopolitical tensions, kindness is needed now more than ever, especially at work.”

"With remote work, social connections don’t always occur as organically as they used to. So, we must be intentional about establishing and sustaining them."

🌱 Recognise and acknowledge people.

"Authentic, thoughtful interactions show that you’re thinking about that person and reflecting on their unique attributes and value, which can cement social connections. The result is a positive and uplifting environment, enabling a culture of kindness to thrive."

🫶 Be conscientious with your feedback.

"When you know your teammates more deeply, you can also better understand how to offer them honest, constructive feedback. While many may conflate “kindness” and “niceness,” they can be very different."

"Being kind means offering feedback for the betterment of the person receiving it and the overall success of your company. You’re seeking to build someone up.

Next time you’re asked for your opinion on someone’s work, be honest, but focus on both the positive aspects and what you think could be improved."

Kindness at work


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