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Ensure Performance Reviews have a human touch.

Performance reviews are more than a checkbox exercise, treat them with the respect they deserve. The respect you put in to discussing someone's performance directly reflects the respect you have for them, as a person. Give your performance reviews a more human touch and show respect with the 5 steps below.

1. Align expectations:  Before there can ever be a review of someone’s performance, both sides must know what performance is expected. A conversation should have happened to set expectations. The performance review is merely a place where we do just that, we review the performance against the expectations. 


2. Allocate time thoughtfully: The performance review itself can never be rushed, it must be recognized to have value and be prepared for, It must have space for thoughtful discussions on both sides, that go beyond quick assessments and snap judgements.

3. Root in empathy: If we do take outcomes from the performance review and make judgements then they must be human-centered. We must take time to understand the root causes of performance issues and co-create plans for how we solve the issues.

4. Make it a conversation: The performance review should never be a monologue. It must be encouraged to become a two-way transfer of information, that fosters understanding, and builds a collaborative path forward.

5. Use it as a stepping stone: The performance review itself should be used as a platform for more regular ongoing discussions about performance. Having this perspective means that future performance reviews will become a breeze. Incorporate time in future 1:1’s to discuss performance and encourage open feedback to understand how they can be better supported towards high-performance.

At Feebee, we're regularly reminded of the human essence that underlies every performance conversation. Let's break away from the negativity surrounding performance evaluations and embrace them as opportunities for positive, constructive, and human-centric conversations. At Feebee, we stand by the belief that performance reviews can be a force for good, propelling startups towards a future where growth and understanding go hand in hand.

show respect by giving performance reviews a human touch


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