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2 easy ways to improve your company culture

1️⃣ Help people to understand their performance: It's vital to gain a clear insight into how you're performing in your role. Regular feedback with clear and honest performance assessments let us know where we stand, and help us to regularly refine our efforts towards a greater impact. It’s time to stop being afraid to ask, stop burying our heads in the sand, and start knowing the real perceptions of others.

2️⃣ Increase alignment with Company Values: Company values serve as the compass guiding our actions. Understanding and aligning with these values is more than just a box to tick; it's about finding a sense of purpose in your work. When your values align with those of your company, you quickly become a cultural ambassador, and contribute towards fostering a better environment for all.

💜 Striking a balance between these two aspects not only enhances individual growth but also contributes to team and company success. As we grow, we become better-equipped to drive positive change, innovate, and be leaders in our own right.

The great news is that you can start doing both of these things with Feebee. Customers are switching to Feebee because they say: It’s beautifully simple, effective, designed within existing tools (such as Slack), and it’s saving them lots of money.

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Team alignment with Feebee


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