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You need to understand team performance better, in order to improve it

Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Team performance is not understood well enough. As a result, individual and team potential is left unfulfilled. It is crucial that we learn to understand team performance better, so that we can improve it it, in a healthy way.

We might think our teams are performing well, but if we haven’t created the right conditions, then this performance will most likely be temporary. Unsustainable performance leads to burnout and attrition.

Throughout my career I've seen people talk about ‘high performance’, but they rarely attain it, even fewer make it sustainable. But, I have seen a few rare teams reach healthy high performance, and those teams change companies and industries for the better. They also create meaningful relationships that last a lifetime.

At Feebee, we think in terms of ‘Healthy High Performance’ everyday. Thinking about performance in a healthier and more sustainable way, creates better teams and companies.

Healthy high performance lies at the intersection of 3 topics.

🏅Understanding Performance - Do I know how I'm performing? Do I know where I stand? Is it clear what performance is expected? Will I be recognized for my performance? Will they be honest and help me if they think I’m underperforming? Will people try to understand my performance needs?

💡Growing Skills - Do I know what skills I need to improve? Do I know what skills are my strengths? Do people help me to develop my skills? Will people be honest with me about what I can/should develop? Do people give me opportunities to grow and tasks that allow me to test my new skills? Do I have the room to develop skills that I'll need for my future career steps?

💜 Creating Belonging - Can I be vulnerable? Can I be honest? Will people be honest with me? Will people support me when I need it? Will they care about me? Will they take the time to truly know me? Will they stand up for me? Can I be my true self? Can I set boundaries? Are my boundaries respected? Will people keep me humble? Will they give me confidence?

Think about how you feel in your team and ask yourself these questions. If you feel good about the answers, then you might be in a Healthy High Performing team environment.

Strive to be part of an environment that works towards answering these questions.

Feebee’s goal is to create ‘Healthy High Performance’. If you want to join us on this journey, then install Feebee today.

Improve team performance

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