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Mission, Purpose, Reason for existing

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Our Mission

At its core, Feebee's mission is to empower individuals to take charge of their careers while enabling organizations to cultivate healthy and high-performing teams.

We believe that every individual should have clear insights into how their performance, skills, and behaviors are perceived in the workplace. This clarity empowers people to take control of their professional lives.


We're committed to assisting HR leaders in gaining deeper insights into performance within their organizations, enabling them to make more team-centric and humane decisions regarding their employees.


This all boils down to one simple belief:

We're dedicated to simply improving the employee feedback experience for everyone involved.

Our Approach and Philosophy

Feebee, our platform, provides transparent insights that facilitate informed decision-making about professional development, team dynamics, and organizational performance.


We firmly believe that work performance can be broken down into fundamental elements: personal growth, goal attainment, and cultural alignment. Many feedback tools primarily focus on goal attainment and cultural fit through lengthy and infrequent performance review cycles tied solely to rewards or punishments.

Recognizing that engagement with performance feedback is often reluctant and mandated, we strive for a simpler, more aspirational approach—one that benefits both employees and HR/business leaders and is also budget-friendly for HR departments.

Value Proposition and Future Direction

We believe that the emphasis on infrequent performance reviews and the focus solely on business goals hinder individual growth. Feedback sought merely to justify performance reviews tends to suffer from recency bias and consumes significant time and energy.

Our solution is to enable individuals to receive feedback as frequently as needed for their growth by simplifying the feedback process and focusing on their skills and behaviors. This ensures that individuals are always prepared for performance reviews and are actively involved in their own development.

By initiating feedback from its most crucial aspect—focusing on performance and personal growth through skill and behavioral feedback—we aim to set small companies up for success, enabling them to kickstart feedback with minimal planning and encourage individuals to take the initiative in giving and requesting feedback.

We are committed to developing a comprehensive employee feedback solution that is seamless and cost-effective—feedback that can flow seamlessly throughout the organization, shedding light on all aspects, including peer feedback, manager feedback, and company feedback via eNPS.

Imagining Feebee's Impact

At Feebee, we believe in staying true to our values. A business technique to ensure this is to imagine a funeral for Feebee and reflect on what we would want people to say. Here's what we want people to say:

"Feebee was a company that prioritized people above all else. Every decision was made with the well-being of our team in mind. It was a place that felt like home to everyone who walked (remotely/virtually) through its doors. People at Feebee did their best work, felt valued, and envisioned a long-lasting career with us. They experienced growth, transparency, and a sense of purpose. Our mission was to help other teams feel the same way."


"Every day at Feebee, people worked to bring transparency to people's careers, performance, and growth. Individuals were empowered to thrive in their work and become better versions of themselves. Company leaders were provided with the tools to treat employees in a more humane and empathetic way—all through the simplicity of encouraging frequent, constructive feedback among colleagues."

Questions or Feedback?

Have questions or feedback? Reach out to us at

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