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Hassle-free performance management.

Easy for startups who don't have an HR team yet.

Install in your Slack workspace, and your team can obtain crucial 360-degree feedback on their performance right away.

✔️ Secure AWS hosting in Europe   ✔️ GDPR Compliant

Join these companies and prioritise your culture early

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Effortless and hassle-free – no need for an HR team

Streamlined performance management that prioritises simplicity over navigating HR complexities.

Fast & Easy: empowering your company growth without delay.

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Stay-on-top of performance in your organisation in a simple way. Always be ready to have crucial conversations.

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“I would definitely recommend Feebee to everyone who's looking for some intuitive, automated, easy-to-implement tool for feedback. It saved us a lot of time, and helped us increase engagement and satisfaction with 360° feedback.”


Veronika Mazari
HR Business Partner at Hedepy

Are you serious about performance?
Try Feebee for free.

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