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Slack based Team Feedback

Conduct all your team feedback right inside of Slack. Performance feedback, values/skill feedback, praise, and eNPS/pulse survey. Try it for free and unlock all features for a small price.

✔️ Free plan  ✔️ Effortless Setup ✔️ GDPR Compliant

✔️ Secure AWS hosting in EU  ✔️ No payment required

Showing Feebee values performance and enps inside Slack

A feedback tool for small teams & startups

Number 1 Product of the day on website

Building great teams through feedback


Performance reviews and appraisals become a breeze. Obtain a platform to view team performance clearly.


Through values feedback, create strong sense of belonging that Employees can easily align themselves with.


Recognize  contributions and key achievements by giving public or private praise.


Foster growth through skill feedback, and use our data dashboard to always understand how to grow. 


Keep your finger on the pulse and ensure teams are engaged via eNPS. Get the data to build out your people strategy.

On a mission to simply improve the employee feedback experience

simply improving the employee feedback experience with Feebee

Installed in Slack by over 250 startups

"A nice tool at a great price."

Are you serious about company culture?
Try Feebee for free today!

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