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Wow! 50 bucks! 🤯

HRPro version

Unlock all Slack app features and get access to the web dashboard for admins.

Unlock the Web dashboard features for admins

✔ In-depth feedback analytics
✔ View employee performance data
✔ Customize performance feedback questions

✔ Add/edit your company values

✔ Run eNPS pulse surveys

✔ Send company-wide notifications

Unlock extra Slack app features for your team

✔ Request & give feedback on company values

✔ Share feedback with manager(s)

✔ View full history of sent and received feedback
✔ Share praise in public Slack channels 

✔ eNPS pulse survey inbox

Free version

Free Slack app for
simple team feedback

Basic Slack app features

✔ Request & give unlimited performance feedback

✔ Request & give unlimited skill feedback
✔ Share unlimited praise with teammates

✔ Manage feedback requests in your Feebee inbox, inside Slack

What to do if you're more than 50 people?

Feebee is purposefully designed for small teams. So, if you are more than 50 people, then Feebee might not be right for you. Install and try out the free version first. If you still want to upgrade then write to us using the contact details in the Feebee app. Remember we won't customize anything for you, but we can unlock all features for a great price.

Up to 50 team members for 50 bucks, now that's a heck of a deal.

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